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What is Aversis?

“Aversis Systems” - is an intelligent system that deals with global computer resource allocation and makes it possible to rent out unused processor capacity. We created an exclusive AVERS program to attract resources for development and accelerated growth of the Global Distributed Computing System. The Aversis Systems task is to pool the received resources and spread them further, in accordance with the requests. The reward, received by the company for providing the computing resource, is distributed amongst the clients. Revenues are accrued in proportion to the amount and time of computing resources provision, according to the tariff.

What is it needed for?

The company specialists developed a program that allows to combine unused PC resources around the world into one single supercomputer. Its total productive capacity can be enough to handle an incredible amount of information. Combining thousands of computers into one single supercomputer every day, Aversis provides resources in the development of new technologies, helps to solve complex health problems, produces crypto-currencies and supports global virtual resources on the Internet.

What are the advantages?

Aversis allows to gain profit from renting out free computing resources of your PC, as well as the possibility of getting referral income from inviting other users to the program (the project participant makes money not from the referral wallet, but from the service wallet, in this particular case it’s Aversis systems); and also the possibility of obtaining and using exclusive products offered by Aversis Systems.

What are the capabilities?

Give your computer a chance to bring a greater benefit. Generally speaking, almost everybody does not exploit computers to full capacity. What does a computer use energy for? What if thousands of home computers around the world can be combined?
Thus, the computing resources of all computers are involved in all possible and requested complex computing tasks, such as crypto-currency mining, game resources support, participation in scientific research which make possible even medicine development, cure for cancer, for example. Every computer gets its own individual task. To do this, a special software installed on project participants PCs, accepts small tasks, processes them and sends the results back.

What is our goal?

Generally speaking, almost everybody does not exploit computers to full capacity. Look under the table, where your computer is situated. What its resource is being spent on? Probably just to let you press a couple of buttons and meet up with a few classmates, or to hang out on “Facebook”. Is that all? Well, of course in cold months it can also be an additional source of air-heating under the table. But every computer can provide an invaluable benefit. What if combine thousands of home computers into one system and make them work full force? Don’t be surprised! All that is possible. No heavy expenses needed, but what profit it will give in the end! This is our main goal, to give each participant an opportunity to join the global computing system, meanwhile earning money on PC.

How to get involved?

You need to get registered and purchase any package offered by the company. By purchasing one of the packages, you get a license to use special software in the system for providing PC computing resources and leasing them to Aversis systems.

How do I get income?

Having registered, you choose a tariff and a period of time, most suitable for renting out your PC resources, then pay for the program software usage licence. Install the software on your computer and meet the conditions on the chosen tariff, your reward will be accrued automatically. To control this process you can use your computer, personal account or mobile app.

Career conditions

The condition for obtaining the next position is to sell tariffs to the shown in the right column sum.

Position%Purchase sum
AVERSIS GOLD18%€ 120 000

Company products

The main product of the company is a unique application that is able to combine all users’ resources and distribute them further in accordance with requests.

For ease of use of our main product and constant monitoring implementation, we offer our customers a free mobile app.

For ease of making payments with our clients, we offer AVERSIS MASTERCARD or AVERSIS VISA CARD

PC requirements

PC requirements
In order to become our client, you need a PC that meets the minimum requirements.

Acceptable parameters for system operation:
Microsoft Windows 10 Home / Professional / Enterprise; Allowed
Microsoft Windows 8 and 8.1 / Professional / Enterprise / 8.1 upgraded; Allowed
Microsoft Windows 7 Starter / Home Basic / Home Premium / Professional / Ultimate – SP1 or newer; Allowed
Available space: 300 MB
Processor: 2.00 GHs or faster
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Non-acceptable parameters:
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic / Home Premium / Business / Enterprise / Ultimate – SP1 or newer; not allowed
Microsoft Windows XP Home / Professional or newer; not allowed

The referral program

What are the program advantages?

Up to 20% of lifelong earnings from all the clients you involved
Ability of funds withdrawal at any time using payment systems or bank transfers
Ability of placing your referral link on any Internet page
Real-time mode detailed statistics showing the number of involved clients
Detailed report on earnings from every client you involved
Ready-made advertising banners
Customer support on any matter in a way that suits you most: phone, ticket-system, e-mail

Total advantage of AVERSIS referral program

The main idea of our referral program is its multiple-level system. This means that you can make profit not only from the clients invited by you. Once registered in AVERSIS system, you take the AVERS STARTING position and get provided with a referral link which you can send to anyone interested in our system. When at least one person follows your link and connects to our system, you start to earn. In accordance with your position, you gain interest on every euro cent from total amount that your referrals earn.

Detailed description and examples

AVERSIS MANAGER partner position
To achieve this position, a partner needs to effect sales in the amount of 60 000.00 EUR
Let us suppose, that 20 people purchased Business license (365 days, 3000.00 EUR)
Calculation: 20 х 3000.00 = 60 000.00 EUR
By purchasing this license on a partner recommendation, his referral will be earning up to 25 EUR per day.

Monthly income will be 775.00 EUR
Partner earnings at AVERSIS MANAGER position is 16%

Calculation: 775.00 x 16% = 122.40 EUR per month from one referral invited.
Total income will be: 2448.00 EUR per month.

Calculation: 20 (number of partners) х 122.40 (earnings from one partner) = 2448.00 EUR per month.
This salary will be credited to the partner’s account synchronously with the earnings of his clients. Moreover, our referral program is multi-level, which allows you to earn even more from lower-level partners, too.

Example: AVERSIS MANAGER partner position
Lower-level referrals decided to involve into the system one user each (Business tariff, 365 days) thereby they start to get rewarded being at the AVERSIS STARTING position, they earn 5% of revenues of the involved client.
AVERSIS MANAGER partner, due to the sales of lower-level partners, moves up the career ladder even higher, to the AVERSIS GOLD position - 18%.

Calculation: 60 000.00 which have already been counted + 60 000.00 new = 120 000.00 amount of sale
At this position he receives the remaining difference between the lower-level partner and his client, which is 13%
Calculation: 18% - 5% = 13%
Money calculation: 775.00 EUR x 13% = 100.75 EUR
Total income: 2009.00 EUR per month
PLUS: The earnings from direct referrals are also increasing (20 direct partners)
Calculation: 775.00 EUR x 18% = 139.50 EUR
Total income: 139.50 EUR x 20 = 2790.00 EUR

Whole structure total income will be: 4799.00 EUR per month!

Reward accrual rules
Rewards are accrued from the amount of the profit gained by the involved customers.
To get started, the client needs to register, purchase any tariff package and meet the conditions on renting out his computer. Once the invited by you client starts to earn money on his PC leasing, you start obtaining rewards simultaneously.

Referral system registration rules
In case when a client followed your referral link or used your special code to register, he can be considered your client.

Members invitation
Invite new members with the help of our referral program and gain additional passive income as long as the client you invited rents out his PC resources.

Where and how the information can be distributed
Internet sites
Social networks
Oral advertising
You need to create a unique description of our project in order to attract and involve the target audience. For a more detailed understanding of all processes, we regularly give LIVE WEBINARS, you can find out more about the time they are held at in the “News” section on our website.

Can my account be hacked?

Today the risk of stealing logins and passwords with the help of spyware and botnets is very high. All kinds of password viruses can transmit information from your browser’s remembered passwords. By means of two-step authorization, Aversis system takes care that you are not hacked.

Two-stage authorization

For security reason, we use a two-stage authorization system. When signing in the system, our users each time receive a new additional secret code, which excludes any possibility of gaining access by intruders. This means you can be authorized only with the help of an additional one-time code that will be messaged you by SMS.


Anyone who has reached the age of 18 can register for AVERSIS.

Conclusion of agreement

The agreement can be concluded by any registered user who intends to purchase a license

Termination of agreement

You have a right to terminate your agreement with the company and request your data removal at any time. To do this you need to approach the company with a letter informing that you do not wish to cooperate with our company any longer and wish to delete all your data from our resource.
Note: In case of early contract termination, the company does not return the paid license period.

Data editing

You always can edit your personal data. To do this you need to go to your account and choose your private information section.

Licence purchase

In your personal account you can pay for the license in accordance with the tariff you chose by any of the methods provided by the company.

Conditions for sending a license

The license key will be sent to you within 24 hours, after receipt of funds.

Promotional tarif

The Promotional tariff will help you to get to know our software better. At the end of the promotional tariff, you can buy one of our software packages and withdraw your earned money, or you can exchange the earned on the promotional tariff money for a voucher and buy one of the packages at a lower price


You are free to withdraw all your funds which are over 60 EUR at any time and by any means available in the company.

Processing of financial transactions

Financial transactions are processed within 10 working days.

Still have questions?
For issues solving you can fill in a feedback form in your account.